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Rewrite your hair story

8oz / 236ml / 50€

Meet your hair’s new best friend. Chances are you’ve used shampoo your whole life and have no idea how badly it treats hair and how amazing your hair can be. New Wash is your best chance to rediscover its true nature and make your hair story a love story.
 A proprietary blend of essential oils and naturally derived saturated cleansers respects the body’s natural moisture barrier that detergent in shampoo destroys. Hair feels immediately smoother, silkier, and looks shinier. More infos about How to use and ingredients:

New Wash Info Sheet (PDF)

Safe blow-drying

4oz / 118ml / 44€

Dressing up is a lost art in a world that dresses down, but like that one timeless outfit in your closet, this light lotion is the key to stylish hair. You won’t see it or feel it, but it controls and gives lots of body (with or without a blow-dryer) and just enough texture to pin hair up when you want to go all out. More infos about How to use and ingredients:

Dress Up Info Sheet (PDF)

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Easy air-drying

4oz / 118ml / 44€

Hair Balm is skincare for hair: Moisture plus magic revives dry or over-processed hair, makes curls perfectly imperfect, and adds weight to give big hair a leaner look, all without feeling crunchy, gelled or lacquered. Frizz? Stay calm and carry Balm. More infos about How to use and ingredients:

Hair Balm Info Sheet (PDF)

Hair liberated

8oz / 236ml

We love the beachy, sexy look, but is dry, gritty and crispy hair sexy? The key to looking (and feeling) artfully undone is having a special product that you can’t see but that you can touch, like this one. Undressed creates texture without torture – and unlike so many surf-inspired sprays is seductively soft and lush. More infos about How to use and ingredients:

Undressed Info Sheet (PDF)
This product is currently not available in Europe