Grande Maison


Our doors are open, step inside.

Welcome to Grande Maison, the artistic bureau that believes that it is life that imitates art, and not the other way around.

Born from the sparks that fly between creatives, Grande Maison is a deviant hub for production, imagination and exploration in the realms of fashion, film, beauty and the arts. We are a production house with a difference, an agency with a drive to leave a lasting mark on contemporary culture. Don’t like the road your business or brand is on? Welcome to Grande Maison.

Not just another agency.

Grande Maison is a radically creative collective of some of the most enlightened, boundary-breaking artists and directors in the business.

We wear cultural conflict on our sleeves and trend disruption in our hearts. We mirror the rapidly growing influence that art has on society, commerce and culture. Bespoke communication, creation and gatherings is one thing, at Grande Maison we anticipate incoming trends and use our experience to orchestrate the directions they go next, with your brand at the helm.

Timeless, Now.

In this exciting age, it is the job of creatives to take a step into the future, whilst never losing touch with the past. At Grande Maison we offer over a century of experience and an ear to the ground in contemporary culture. We are gen X, millennials and gen Z, with background expertise in film, beauty, fashion, communication and the arts. Grande Maison gracefully brings artists closer to their audiences, whilst wielding the weapons of a powerful, modern production house. As a large-scale artistic bureau, moving images, film, advertising, art direction, creative and digital content creation and live-events are just part of the Grande Maison arsenal.

A Creative Cooperative

Step inside - the rooms of Grande Maison are adorned with bold content, au courant.

Cast your eyes on the Grande Maison archive: a directory for the innovators and emerging artists in film, photography, fashion, hairdressing, make up, music and art. As you peruse its pages you’ll find our attention to detail in selecting those we work has resulted in a cooperativa of the most daring and deviant creatives in the business. Each artist has a carefully curated profile which includes their work, biography and projects - a rich and precise portrait for your consideration. If you’re interested in working with one of our artists, you need only ask. At Grande Maison, we run an open house.