Grande Maison


Grand écrivain de la lumière – an amazing photographer with a genius mind, and a brilliant peer

In Antoine Le Grande portraits, the intrusion of elements like mirrors and smoke and the use of light and shadows dramatize the scene and create compositions that are classic and disconcerting at the same time. This monograph presents a broad selection of more than 170 portraits, shot by Le Grand over a 20-year period.

Queen Elizabeth II has the most iconic hairdo it has not changed it since she came to the throne – nor should she.

Wendy’s passion for hair – combined with her tireless quest to find formulas to boost hair recovery and health – led her to create Iles Formula. What began as an onset hair secret is now the Iles Formula a 3-step high performance hair care system.

David Bruce does not take photos, he gives; he does not watch, he listens.

David Bruce photographic prints stand as both works of art and a sensitive culture being lost to the world. A unique combination of art and social commitment born out of a rare level of contact with the subject. In a span of over twenty five years he has created some of the most arresting portraits of indigenous Kalahari Bushmen.

Don’t be afraid to take the past head on

Philippe is an Individualist with an eclectic approach; he never gets enough of variety and he is definitely the one playing, and not complying, with rules.

Mischa Golebiewski was never destined to be the Golden Girl.