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Queen Elizabeth II has the most iconic hairdo it has not changed it since she came to the throne – nor should she.

From Dior, Chanel and Swarovski, to Vogue Italia, I-D and V Magazine, Wendy Iles’ legendary reputation as one of the greatest modern Session Stylists is incontestable. Wendy Iles has strategized some of the world’s weightiest blueprints of hair design – not in volume but in power. The master behind Archive, Iles does not simply hitch the Season’s hair design bandwagon, she literally builds it piece by piece with her very own hands.

Dazed & Confused , Nagi Sakai, Léa Seydoux

As one of the most sought-after hair stylists in the industry today, Wendy Iles has become internationally acclaimed for mastering the art and science of hair and beauty.

During her years of work for some of the most prestigious beauty campaigns in the hair industry and serving as a private hairstylist to top celebrities, Wendy identified early on that she needed a super-charged and high-performance hair care that could provide instant hair repair and visible results for celebrity clients walking the red carpet or models on global beauty campaigns. Wendy has worked with everyone from popstar Cheryl to model Heidi Klum during her career, enjoying a close friendship with hoards of celebrities.

There are a few famous ladies that have so far eluded the hair pro, namely Alice in Wonderland and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II – 'Both of them have the most iconic hairdo. Queen Elizabeth II has not changed it since she came to the throne – nor should she.' – Wendy Iles

Madame Figaro, Marion Cotillard

Wendy’s passion for hair – combined with her tireless quest to find formulas to boost hair recovery and health – led her to create Iles Formula. What began as an onset hair secret is now the Iles Formula a 3-step high performance hair care system. Its unique blend of proprietary high grade repair and care ingredients are the secret behind Iles signature spun silk hair finish.

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