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The Farrah | Coiffed Curls & Sweet Rebellion: Flavor of a Decade by Mischa G.

Defying gravity—a distant dream? Not with Mischa G. In the star-studded heights of iconic hairdos, few are as legendary as Farrah Fawcett’s feathered flicks. The actress’ golden, lion-like halo and effortless face-framing wings broke the 70s even before the internet. Gracing magazine covers and television screens, her side-swept, retro vixen, shaggy mane became an instant cult hit. Farrah’s cascading hair was a statement of individuality; a gust of rebellion against the hair canon of the time. Its influence persists even today, with modern interpretations paying homage to the decade’s pièce de résistance. Grande Maison X Mischa G take you on a journey back in time to unravel the layers of Farrah’s legendary ‘do and recreate its quintessential 70s allure. Get ready to craft aerodynamic grace and coif curls for the heavens.

Enter the cosmos of Mischa G, revered wild child of hairstyling and founder of Treehouse Social Club. “To me as a teen, Farrah was an anti-influence,” she admits. “I was more of a punk rock kid growing up. A little dirtier, a little grubbier.” Using tradition as just ignition, what rocketed Mischa G into stardom is creative risk-taking, unapologetic self-expression and an intuitive feel for the humans in her chair. While “the haircut is the most important part” in Mischa G’s playbook, the secret to Farrah’s famous hairstyle lies not only in “the cutting technique but also the energy, personality and attitude of the person wearing it.” Beyond the intricate craft of snipping hair into gentle layers while razors chisel it into sculpted submission, Mischa G teaches The Farrah as an art of “proportions, suitability and judging based on who you’re cutting.”

With its billowing curtain bangs and never-crashing waves, flicks à la Farrah Fawcett transcend time and suspend the laws of nature. In this masterclass, Mischa G imparts her witch craft and teaches how to give the look its head-turning glamour, while requiring minimal styling efforts. Mischa G: “The Farrah is basically an extreme shag, meaning that all the layers are connected all the way through. You’ll learn different ways to layer or feather with a razor, which gives the hair direction and starts the movement. Styling-wise, I want to create the 70s look but make it fit for our time as well, so that you don’t have to dress it as much.” From a ‘quick and dirty’ salon-ready Farrah to a full-blown version that lasts for events, photo shoots or even days, students will master the art of wielding rollers and curling irons, paired with the perfect product choices.

For those ready to embark on this self- and hair-transforming voyage, remember to pack your arsenal: scissors, razor, combs, Velcro rollers, blow dryer, and curling iron. “And I want everyone to bring their own references of what they think a 70s and also 80s Farrah hairstyle is. I’d like to talk about the difference between what reads more as 70s and what reads more as 80s.” What’s the flavor of a decade without some treats for the tastebuds? On the menu is a nostalgic sip of the era: The Harvey Wallbanger, a 70s concoction of vodka, Galliano, and orange juice. Plus, to satisfy your munchies: Hi Chews, a Japanese candy featuring an array of flavors like “banana, açaí berry, kiwi… And they have soda pop ones too. So good!”

Masterclass Coiffed Curls & Sweet Rebellion:

A portrait of the American Actress, Farah Fawcett, in 1980

With Mischa G as your guide, this masterclass grants you both the tricks and spirit to sculpt defiant, heartstopping hair. Instead of mere imitation, it’s about learning “how to free-think on your own, given what you’ve watched me do. The way I teach is: you’re only as strong as everyone else in the room.” Do not miss this opportunity to reinvent the past for a new generation, where every strand tells a story of rebellion, reinvention and angelic sex appeal. Hurry, grab your spot, and embark on this time-bending trip of hair artistry.

Catherine Deneuve, Recreations of the “Fawcett Flip”

Day One: Razor and Cutting Techniques

Launch into the vibrant 70s as Mischa G untangles the secrets of Farrah Fawcett’s legendary locks. Discover the art of razor-layering and feathering, and see firsthand how technique, energy, and personality converge to create a style that defies convention. Gain the intuitive understanding of your clients that sets Mischa apart, and leave equipped with the skills to breathe life and movement into every strand.

Day Two: Creative and Editorial Styling

Elevate the 70s look for the modern era and learn to create a Farrah-inspired style that’s effortlessly wearable, requiring minimal effort. From quick salon-ready looks to event perfection, master the use of rollers and curling irons, and gain insight into spot-on product selection. This day is a voyage of self-discovery in hairstyling, where confidence, empathy, and collaboration are integral to each creation.

Princesse Diana in Venice, May 1985, Recreations of the “Fawcett Flip”

MadMax of Education

The road to wisdom is never-ending. Even the most ordained professional still has something to learn. In the world of hairdressing, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind, the intense magic of the catwalk and the glare of the camera lens. Sometimes you have to go back to your roots, kindle the spark you get when learning something new, and ignite the fire of passion within once more. That is why at Grande Maison, we’ve developed a programme of enlightenment, consisting of carefully curated journeys to the foundation of what unites us all—hairdressing.


The Farrah | Coiffed Curls & Sweet Rebellion:

15/10–16/10/23 in Berlin, Germany
Sold Out

Students will:
• Acquire various layering and feathering razor techniques
• Master techniques of editorial backstage styling as well as salon styling
• Experience interactive scissor and razor cutting and backstage styling demos
• Develop individual styling based on models’ proportions and suitability
• Review the evolution of each cut and explore visual and cultural references
• Receive detailed feedback on their performance and a customized plan
for future development
• Leave with significant technical education and creative inspiration

Velcro rollers
5/8”, 1/2” and 1” Marcel irons
Blow dryer, with nozzle
Wide tooth comb
Carbon tail comb (YS Park recommended)
Small 100% boar bristle flat brush (Mason Pearson recommended)
100% Boar bristle flat brush (Mason Pearson recommended)


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