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Mastering the Magic of Mess by Sabrina Michals with Mischa G.

Masterclass Craft Workshop October 7-8th 2018, in Berlin

Elegantly dishevelled, a storm in a teacup; though we try our hardest, hair is a mistress that can never be tamed. And why should it? History has shown us that chaos is the best teacher. From the shocked mullet to distressed perms, the 80s and 90s were decades of free-styling with hair. Distressed, choppy, edgy and biting, the catwalks and salons try again and again to recreate the true looks of a day on the town, a night at the disco - yet so often they fall short. This October, you are invited to take part in a hairdressing masterclass with two Bumble and bumble. legends Sabrina Michals and Mischa G. The creative juices will be flowing free, as they show you the secrets behind crafting hair that can’t be tamed.

“It’s about taking what you’ve learned, and then deconstructing it.” Explains Mischa G, her own shock of yellow hair casting its famous golden glow. “You can’t always go with tradition, sometimes you have to go with feeling. If you can’t interpret a person’s look and create a rough and ready style from feeling, you’re going to find it difficult to spark an emotion in others.” From Bowie to Princess Diana, hair in the 80s and 90s was a powerful tool for feeling. Whether working on an extreme look, or a softer deconstruction of an old favourite, only those who understand the craft behind purpose-built messiness can master the art of chaos. “Bowie would change his look on every album.” Mischa G glances mischievously over to her own dress-up closet, which is overflowing statement items. “Because being able to recreate, to shock, to feel, has always been crucial to music and fashion.” What better weapon to have in your arsenal?

“There are so many amazing haircuts we’re tackling, which are so playful when done really well. But not a lot of hairdressers know how to do this kind of cut or style. There’s a stigma because it’s difficult to do it. And this is why we’re doing this class.” Sabrina Michals is one of hairdressing’s most impressive artists and educators. Not only was she Senior Lead Educator at the Bumble and bumble. University in New York City, but she has most recently made her unique brand of wellness hairdressing into an holistic phenomenon.

Once upon a time, Sabrina guided Mischa G - now her partner in this masterclass - as one of her students. Sparks will fly as the guru of the industry, Sabrina, and her ex-prodigy, Mischa G, find themselves together once more. “Mischa G is amazing! My worst and best student!” The magicians of hair take to the chair.

The catwalks are flooded with chaotic looks, as the 80s and 90s take fashion by storm once again. “One lesson I learned when I worked fashion week was that no matter how much you know, you’re always going to have to untrain yourself just enough that you can work by feeling when you have to.” Mischa G is stylist gone solo, since she went freelance last year. “They’re not going to explain what they want, so you have to interpret it. There’s no step by step guide for making a mess.” The best haircut she’s ever had? “I went to Hair by Christiaan, and he did everything just with his hands. It was the weirdest yet most amazing experience, and more importantly: it made sense because it was organic!”

Organic, natural, soulful - these are Sabrina Michals’ middle names. Working with her wellness and educational hub Bowry has made her the master of feeling the way hair should be styled and cared for. The styles of the 80s and 90s were all about DIY, about getting a cut and then maintaining it yourself and being able to rework it for different occasions. Not only will October’s masterclass teach the power of the rough cut, but it will train its students in wig work, extensions and braiding, so no matter what the requirement - the tools are there to feel the way forward. “It’s going to be fantasy, in reality!” laughs Sabrina. Hurry, while tickets last!


Masterclass Craft Workshop

Reality Bites by Sabrina Michals with special guest Mischa G.

07/10–08/10/18 in Berlin, Germany

The road to wisdom is never-ending. Even the most ordained professional still has something to learn. In the world of hairdressing, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily-grind, the intense magic of the catwalk and the glare of the camera lens. Sometimes we have to go back to our roots, take a moment and realise that that spark you get when you learn something new, ignites the fire of passion inside us once more. That is why at Grande Maison we’ve developed a programme of enlightenment, carefully curated journeys to the foundation of the thing that unites us all - hairdressing.

Students will:
• Gain a strong foundation for growth through repetition
• Engage in daily hands-on sessions with many models
• Master to work with less products
• Master techniques of editorial backstage styling
• Experience interactive scissor and razor cutting and backstage styling demos
• Review the evolution of each cut and explore visual and cultural references
• Receive detailed feedback on your performance and a customised plan
for future development
• Leave with significant technical education and creative inspiration

Submission Deadline

20 September 2018

Limited seats are available : 8 Tickets per class

Workshop Day Ticket 07.10.2018
773,50 € incl. VAT.

Workshop Day Ticket 08.10.2018
773,50 € incl. VAT

Workshop Two Day Pass
1.547,00 € incl. VAT.

Pay Now - via Pay Pal
Pay Later - via Invoice Balance due 60 days prior class
SplitPay- Pay by 3 installments

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Application includes following information:
One or two paragraphs about yourself and your reason for wanting to join
a short written presentation of your work
A selection of 5-10 images JPG, 72DPI, 1024 large maximum

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