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Bobs and bits by Sabrina Michals

Editorial Independence Masterclass 28-29 January, Berlin

As the rich oranges, fiery reds and crisp mauves fade from the trees, and Autumn puts its head to rest, it’s time to reflect on the year just passed - the sights, the smells and the styles of 2017, and how they touched us. Who were you? What did you create? And who will you be in the New Year? How will you be better; which parts of you will make the cut?

The self-proclaimed “Wellness Coach for Hairdressers”, Sabrina Michals, is back, infusing a wealth of styling secrets with essential holistic practices to create well-being both outside and in. Her new masterclass, “Bobs and Bits”, takes on one of the most iconic, lasting and legendary styles in history: the Bob. “It’s all about rebirth, about reinventing yourself” says Michals. And as we usher in the New Year, what better way is there to hone your practice for 2018 than with a fresh take on the past? “From the Joan of Arc inspired “Garconne” hairstyle of Antoine, through the annals of pop and rockstar history, the Bob has had many forms.” It’s been a trademark of iconoclasm - of cutting it all off, and starting afresh - and now Sabrina Michals’ lucky students will get the chance to master this rebellious style.

From her reshaping of New York City’s infamous salon Bumble and Bumble.’s backstage team, to her editorials for GQ and Spanish Vogue, Sabrina has proven without a doubt that wellness and hard work can mix.

Bobs and Bits

Day One


Before Bobs, comes Bits; day one goes deep into precision blow-drying, teasing and pining, to get flawless separation and direction. This is a unique chance to hone that creative eye and expertise. As with all of Sabrina’s practices, crafting an outer beauty begins from within, and “Bobs and Bits” is no exception. “We’ll be working with essential oils, autumnal scents from nature which get us back in touch with ourselves as we come into 2018.” The fresh aromas of cedarwood, ginger, petunia and many more will be used as Michals’ students are taught the mystical head massage techniques that Sabrina uses to prep her models, inspired by Indian traditions.

This is all preparation for that great cut, the Bob, to come into play - a style which marked a reinventing of the self for so many of Michals’ muses. “It comes and goes, but the Bob always gives models new awakenings, a new career. Look at the flaming red hair of Karen Elson, or take Amber Valenta, Linda Evangelista. When these models cut off all their hair, it was like a rebirth.” But Sabrina has a new muse now: McKenna Hellam. “Those eyes, that dark curly Bob.” A true rockstar’s Bob, but such a different look from the others. That’s why Michals will be teaching her students about understanding the model, both aesthetically and in terms of their energy, to decide how best to cut and colour their Bob. “As day one comes to an end, we’ll be honing our blow-drying and cutting on the models, ready for the journey we face on the second day, when we bring out the wigs.

Day Two


From scents to sights, day two sees Sabrina’s masterclass students colouring and cutting their wigs - experimenting with their models to find the best Bob to fit their vision. “Whatever they’re inspired by, they can do. They can colour however they want to, but the girl they are putting the wig on will be a massive part of the decision of which colours and cuts to use.”

It’s not just the tricks of colouring, cutting and styling that “Bobs and Bits” will impart, but also the creative ingenuity needed to work on the spot for editorials independently. “The Bob is the hot ticket right now. Whether gradiated, straight or curly, it’s the look for 2018. While this will hone salon stylist’s crafts absolutely, it will also give students the tools needed to think on their feet, without a team behind them. Editorial work has you on your own a lot of the time, so you need to feel like a master to make the cut.” The Bob, after all, is the style of independence.

As the masterclass reaches its end, Sabrina’s students will have the chance to experiment with their wigs and models for the camera during a photoshoot with Alice Berg. The camera doesn’t lie, and it’s here that the power of the Bob really comes into its own. Stylists will be able to look back on the experiences behind them, the things they’ve learned, and remember that however it may make its appearance - Mullet Bob, Graduated Bob, Kitchen Bowl , 60s mod Bob, Mop fringe, the Greaser, Twoisms, V Bob with Bangs, Bowl, Quiff, Pompadour - the Bob carries with it its past, its present and its future - the perfect cut for a new year and a new you.

Sold out.