Grande Maison


As kids we called it “imagination”, pure and simple.

As kids we called it “imagination”, pure and simple. Now we’re all older, more digitally minded, perhaps “visualisation” is how we would refer to that all important cornerstone of creativity, the heart of experimentation. As an artist, the ability to play with ideas visually - to mentally explore concepts, moods and stories together - until everything fits just right, is crucial. And a place where this experimentation can take place is priceless, but apparently it’s not prizeless. We are delighted to announce that Grande Maison’s fully-responsive, drag-and-drop CMS-backed web platform for creatives - - took home the Design Excellence Award for Communication at iF 2018.

Born from the sparks that fly between creatives, Grande Maison is a deviant hub for production, imagination and exploration in the realms of fashion, film, beauty and the arts. Functioning as a production house with a difference, an agency with a drive to leave a lasting mark on contemporary culture, the platform was built with the knowledge that craft can tribe a culture.

Now wearing the badge of Design Excellence proudly, they welcome all who share their belief that it is life that imitates art, and no the other way around. A round of applause goes to Neue Gestaltung: Pit Stenkhoff, Julian Priess and to all the artists and Oisin Fogarty Graveson for their bustling work bringing Grande Maison to life.