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Louder than Words: Little Voice on never growing up

Laetitia Duveau A.K.A. Little Voice is an artist, curator and musician from Berlin. One half of the band Free Free Dom Dom, Kawaii-inspired solo artist and director of art platform Curated by GIRLS, Duveau proudly embodies liberation and emancipation. But as Little Voice she says sweetly: “I haven’t grown up yet. It doesn’t seem safe to do so.” Her eternally playful nature and lusting imagination has nevertheless seen her tackle mature issues of equality, diversity and prejudice in her work. Her playground? Berlin - no surprise. “It’s a very human city.” She says. “It’s not about money and success. It’s about exploring and finding yourself.” Take a leaf out of the Little Voice book if you want to stay young: keep discovering who you are, never settle, sing out and speak up.

GM Who gave you your name?
LD I gave myself my name because I own myself and that means I can do anything i want with myself. Hehe! I guess I chose “Little Voice” simply because I have a little voice. When i started music professionally, people were surprised by my high voice, and they would always ask if my voice was pitched in the recordings. Nah honey! I’m on a natural high.

GM What’s your favorite music?
LDAny music that is real and honest. You can find that in any genre.

GM How did you first get into writing music, and which musicians would you say guided you the most?
LD I was into dance, hip-hop, but I understood it was not for me when I discovered how mean and competitive people could be. I took a guitar, and while learning how to do a D chord and an A chord I accidentally wrote my first song. I think I was 15 or 16.

GM What boundaries or difficulties did you meet along this journey?

LD There is a huge gap between artists and the audience! To get signed is not that difficult. To get heard is hard! The ones who decide are a few, and unfortunately these people love to abuse their power. My first manager was one of a kind. He interfered in my personal life, manipulated me, lied to me, locked me up and forced me to make insane choices. I understood I had to save myself. Success is not worth selling your soul for. I learned to not let anyone tell me what to do, and also to not stress about being successful. What matters to me is to enjoy writing music.

GM What is the biggest challenge in the music industry today?
LDTo be respected as an artist, especially when you’re a young woman stepping into this nasty industry.

GM Do you write the soundtrack to go along with life, or do you write music to change life?
LD I definitely write music to change life. My songs have messages, sometimes hidden but they are there, behind all the honey.

GM What inspires you to create a new song/album?

LD Life in general, stories that happen to me, that I need to let out. I’m inspired by frustrations, hard times, dark stories...but I always turn them into a happy song - I can’t help it.

GM What’s the most inspiring artwork you’ve ever seen?
LD I am inspired by the art I post everyday on Curated By GIRLS. I am always amazed to see how much great talent there is out there!

GM What is the power of Instagram in the industry today?
LD Instagram is an interesting promotion tool for brands and visual artists. Not really good for music itself.

GM If you could change one thing about social media, what would it be?
LD I would like if it was a bit more about realness and not just about selling stuff. But it is a copy of how the world is: a huge shopping mall!

GM What is your favourite number and why?
LD I don’t like numbers. Not my thing at all.

GM Favourite place you’ve lived and why?
LD My favorite place is Berlin, the city I currently live in. I find Berlin extremely inspiring. It’s a city full of creative people from all around the world who want to share in experiences. It’s very chill compared to other capital cities, and it has a human feel.

GM How does Berlin shape your musical career, and how has inhibited you?
LD I feel at home in Berlin because I can be myself without feeling judged. The atmosphere is more dark and techno than Kawaii of course, but there is a sense of freedom there. A sense of: be whoever the fuck you want. And it’s important to feel that way when you are creative.

GM When did you discover Kawaii, and what does it mean to you?
LD Kawaii has followed me, since I’m still a kid. I love colours! They’re fun, and Kawaii is not lame like some people think. Kawaii is cute, soft, sweet and yet still powerful. It makes me happy. And now that i just came back from Japan, I feel even more Kawaii than ever - beware!

GM Do you have any heroes, heroines or icons that you admire?
LDI love female artists that are strong, loud and have a real sense of justice. One name comes to mind: M.I.A. But then of course Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, and many more are on my list.

GM What is your earliest childhood memory?
LD Playtime with my sisters and brother. I’m the 3rd of five kids.

GM What do you feel you’d like to achieve in life?
LD I would like to travel more with my music, play as much as i can and meet people across the globe.

GM If you were to build your own house, what material would you use, what would it look like and where would you build it?
LD I wish I could have a comfy home, but I have no limit in terms of where and how that could exist. It would be a very zen place, inspired by Japanese traditional Ryokan, made of bamboo, with no shoes allowed. There would be an open kitchen, and the whole house would be furnished with very cute items...pastel colours would dominate.

GM What’s your favorite hairstyle?
LD I used to love to dye my hair pink, but i got tired of it. I prefer my natural hair now. I usually wear my hair up in a bun with a big bow.

GM Your perfect escape?
LD My imagination

GM And what’s your daily beauty routine?
LD I drink a lemon shot before anything else. After that i spray my face with rose water, then I put my face one: eyeliner, pink cheeks, and red lipstick...voila! When I have time I love to do a natural skin mask, with curcuma for example.

GM If you could push a button that would change one thing anywhere in the world or in your life, what would it change, and could you ever actually push it?
LD I would save all the children from fear, abuse and hunger. I would push the button with no hesitation.

GM Does life imitates art or does art imitates life?
LD It’s a bit both, I guess. Art can change someone’s life. And life inspires artists.

GM Where next for Little Voice?
LD Many musical projects and great collaborations for Free Free Dom Dom. I want to tour! My dream is to tour in Japan and work with people from all around the globe!

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