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Caroline Greyl on the Legacy of Leonor Greyl

Standing at the Grave of Antoine de Paris with Laurent Philippon

Once upon a time… in the Institut de Leonor Greyl

Louder than Words: Little Voice on never growing up

Eli Halliwell and the war against Shampoo

“If we had our own Superhero movie, it would be an eco-thriller. The villains: Shampoo companies,....”

“When I encountered New Wash, I had no choice but to team up with Michael Gordon and Mauricio Bellora to bring these revolutionary products to the world.”

In Interview Dave the Bushman

Q: What are some of the benefits to this society that you can’t experience in a Westernized city? A: A true sense of freedom and community!

Apart from being a creative gathering – a big part of a collaboration are people who support your dreams and visions

On a constant search for inspiration. The mind absorbs everything in our everyday visual world. each style says something about who we are and where we belong. A fashion show celebrates the culture of crafts and the spirit of an artistic collaboration.

And Does Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life? Life is art. Is not the moon a testament to that?!

In Interview Sabrina Michals

In Interview Formento + Formento

Life is about how you feel, and art can make you feel they are the same thing

As kids we called it “imagination”, pure and simple.

Design Excellence Award for Communication at iF 2018

I try to live my dream. Create the world around me out of things I love.

Improvising Perfection: The Felix Fischer Story

In Interview Mischa G. The Yellow Glow of Rebellion

"I’ve always been terrified of Alice in Wonderland so I would prefer to never live or work there and god have mercy on my soul if I ever get Alice as a client."